Zoe Kravitz Is Still Pissed Hulu Cancelled Her ‘High Fidelity’ Reboot: ‘Big Mistake’

Zoe Kravitz is having a moment right now. She’s got Kimi, Steven Soderbergh’s new, pandemic-themed thriller, which dropped on HBO Max last weekend. And in a few weeks people will finally see her take on Catwoman in The Batman, a superhero movie so anticipated one Redditer claimed her husband is threatening to skip the birth of their child to see it opening day. Perhaps Hulu execs are feeling a little silly right now, having cancelled the High Fidelity reboot that starred Kravitz. Kravitz sure hasn’t forgotten about it.

In a new interview with Elle (as caught by Variety), the actress reflected on the streamer cancelling the show, which she executive produced, starred in, and even wrote an episode. It took on Nick Hornby’s 1995 bestseller, about a single thirtysomething record store owner and music enthusiast brooding over yet another breakup., which was already turned into a John Cusack movie in the year 2000. The Hulu version relocated it to Brooklyn and switched genders. Alas, it only lasted one season. Kravitz was pissed then and she still is.

“They didn’t realize what that show was and what it could do,” Kravitz told Elle. “The amount of letters, DMs, people on the street, and women that look like us—like, that love for the show, it meant something to people. It was a big mistake.”

After High Fidelity was cancelled in August of 2020, Kravitz did not keep quiet about her disappointment with Hulu. After actress Tessa Thompson expressed condolences in an Instagram post where Kravitz thanked the cast and crew, Kravitz responded with deep, angry sarcasm: “At least Hulu has a ton of other shows starring women of color we can watch. Oh wait.”

But at least you can still watch the show’s surviving season on Hulu. The Batman hits theaters on March 4 while Kimi streams on HBO Max.

(Via Elle and Variety)