Everything You Need To Know About ‘Zoo’ Heading Into Its Season Fina-… AAHH GORILLA ATTACK!



CBS’s Zoo, a series about animals rising up to try to overthrow the human race through methods ranging from a) sending bloodthirsty seafaring rats on a New England invasion, to b) sending kamikaze bats to kill two lesbian bird scientists in Antarctica, to c) sending millions of electrocharged ants to blow up a Swiss particle accelerator, airs its second season finale this week. There is a lot going on with this show right now. Some might even say “too much.” But those people would be wrong, and jerks. Zoo is at its best when so many things are happening that you don’t have time to stop and think about, say, how one character started out as an innocent reporter and recently injected a double agent — who she was in love with, and who chopped off her frost-bitten big toe for her with an axe like two episodes earlier — with paralyzing venom and threw him out the cargo hatch of a multimillion-dollar science plane. That is a thing that happened.

But even though you don’t want to think too much about all of this, it is helpful to think a little about it, just so you’re not lost when things start going down. So what I’m going to do here is give you a little primer so you’re ready and fully inforWHHHHHOOOOAAAA Russian Embassy gorilla attack! There’s a gorilla attacking the Russian Embassy! Look!

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