This Week On ‘Zoo’: If This Is The End, We’ll Always Have The Invisible Snakes

09.22.17 6 Comments


We must begin with the elephant in the room. Wait, no. My apologies. Poor choice of words. You can’t just throw around animal-related metaphors like that when discussing Zoo because there could be a very literal elephant in a room one day, possibly using a computer or holding a bazooka in its trunk. Let’s be more straightforward, for clarity. We must begin with the unavoidable, unpleasant truth: Zoo has not yet been renewed for a fourth season, which means this week’s season three finale could end up being the series finale as well. And this brings with it a set of problems, ranging from my fragile emotional state about it all to the difficulty in crafting an end to this season. You can go one of two ways, basically:

  • You can make a season finale that can also double as a series finale by tying up most loose ends and providing a tiny bit of resolution
  • You can just say screw it and have Bob Benson from Mad Men crash an airplane through a cement wall, thus opening up America to attacks from newly-contagious bloodthirsty zombie animals, and leave the future of humanity hanging in the balance with a cliffhanger of epic proportions

Guess which option Zoo went with. I love this show so much. But we’ll get to that. First, let’s discuss how we got there.

Mitch does a computer thing and sends all the demonic hybrids on a mission for a beacon in St. Louis and the world’s only hope is that Jackson can turn it off manually by marching through sonic waves that are as thick as chowder, which only he can do because the waves are pulsing at the same frequency as the part of his brain that can controls the actions of non-mutated animals

Hoo boy. Some notes on this:

– One of my favorite things about Zoo is that everyone is an expert on everything, regardless of education or training. This is how we end up with Mitch in charge of the high-level computer business in a facility staffed with computer experts, even though Mitch is a veterinarian who just spent 10 years in a coma. To give you an idea how crazy that is, the very first iPhone came out 10 years ago, in 2007. But sure, let’s put Mitch on it.

(Yes, technically Mitch was the one who designed the entire system, when he was imprisoned in his alter ego Mr. Duncan, but he has no recollection of that and also leave me alone.)

– The whole business with the beacon is important for two reasons: Long term, to prevent the hybrids from taking over the world; short term, to prevent the hybrids from attacking the barrier’s generator and killing the team, which provided another great example of why you should always watch television with the captions on



– A quick note on the barrier. If this all sounds familiar, all this stuff about an impenetrable barrier manned by an elite force who serve as humanity’s last line of defense against mythical and powerful monsters who want to kill them all and destroy their world, there’s a pretty good reason for that: it is almost exactly like The Wall from Game of Thrones. Except now the White Walkers are razorback wolves and invisible snakes and pterodactyl-like birds that can cause volcanic eruptions, and the Night King is an evil science genius with a rocket launcher. So I guess what I’m saying is that it’s better. Zoo is better than Game of Thrones. Fight me.

Moving on.

Logan tries to rush Clem and the baby away from the barrier so they can protect humanity’s only chance at curing sterility, but one of giant screeching hellbirds rips him out of his car by his face and Abigail kidnaps the baby


Which is not ideal.

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