Charlie Kirk Called Prince Harry A ‘Metrosexual Beta Male,’ Which Only Got People To Mock His Own Lack Of Masculinity

Conservative media have spent the last couple weeks angry about cartoons and puppets and toys, but they took a break on Monday to dogpile on two people who alleged racism. On Sunday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave their first major interview since stepping rom the royal duties last January. There were a lot of horrifying revelations that made people very mad. At one point Markle even talked about contemplating suicide. Even that didn’t stop rightwing pundits from attacking them, including Megyn Kelly, and including young Trumpist Charlie Kirk.

At under 30, Kirk is among the youngest of former president Donald Trump’s minions, and he spent so long passionately spreading lies about the 2020 election that even Geraldo Rivera called him out. He’s also been known to record videos while looking like crap. So when he attacked Prince Harry for being, in his words, a “metrosexual beta male” — after calling Markle a liar, with no proof — people weren’t having it.

Some people pointed out that Kirk is not exactly an Adonis.

More to the point, Prince Harry actually fought in a war. Charlie Kirk, well, did not.

Some pointed out it’s always dweebs like Kirk or Ben Shapiro who cry about the supposed decline of traditional masculinity.

Some questioned his questioning of the monarchy’s racism.

Others called out his obvious attempt to channel the late Rush Limbaugh.

And some made fun of his looks.