Don Jr. Took Off The Gloves And Unleashed His Unhinged, Weirdly Nasal-Voiced Fury Upon His Dad’s Top 2024 Nemesis Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis hasn’t even formally thrown his hat in the ring yet. Why would he? He just got re-elected governor of Florida. But his beef with probably 2024 rival Donald Trump has kicked up a notch, with both sides now trading pissy barbs. Things have escalated to the point where it’s Don Jr.’s time to start making unhinged videos where he can’t control the tenor of his voice.

In one of those rants he swears aren’t fueled by Bolivian marching powder, the former president’s eldest son slammed the one not called “Meatball Ron” for, he said, being “owned by the billionaire donors” and being “100%-controlled opposition.” He also called DeSantis’ return fire on his father a “milquetoast response,” allegedly dictated by the GOP gate-keepers who have turned on the still popular Trump.

Moreover, he echoed charges, usually made by those on the other side of the political spectrum, that DeSantis simply “isn’t ready for the big league” and that it’s “not your time.” And he should know.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with Desantis personally,” Jr. said. “The image created online by the paid influencers? Guys, unfortunately, one-on-one, it doesn’t exist.”

Thoughout his rant, Jr.’s already wackadoodle voice weaved drunkenly about. Sometimes it turned nasal, as though he was accidentally channeling a Muppet. The fury continued as he moved onto Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, who it’s suspected is close to indicting the 45th president.

“This prosecution isn’t based on facts or the law or anything that even resembles that,” Jr. charged. Instead it’s “pure Bolshevik-style witch-huntery,” trying to make the Democrats sound

Jr. also tore apart the theory that his Democratic enemies want him indicted so he’ll be the nominee. “This was the hot, stupid take on Twitter over the weekend, like the dumbest take ever,” he said. “Like they weren’t trying to put him in jail for the last eight years. Like they didn’t accuse me and the rest of my family of treason and other things.”

As usual, rather than refer to his father as “my father” or “my dad,” he called him simply “Trump.” Because that’s how close they are.