A Former Trump Aide Thinks The Big Man’s Brain Is Turning To Mush And It’s Only Going To Get ‘Worse’

Donald Trump‘s brain is definitely not turning into slurry. Over the weekend, the 77-year-old had several verbal slip-ups during campaign speeches in North Carolina and Virginia, including confusing Barack Obama for Joe Biden (not the first time), pronouncing “Venezuela” in a way it’s never been pronounced before, and calling the country of Argentina a “great guy.” All in all, MeidasTouch editor-in-chief Ron Filipkowski counted 32 instances “where he mispronounced words, got confused, mixed up names, forgot names, and babbled insane nonsense.” (To be fair, Biden isn’t doing much better.)

Trump’s mental stability has slipped a lot even since 2020, according to his former former communications director, Alyssa Farah Griffin.

“I have said this before, he is not as sharp as he was in 2016 and not even a sharp as he was in 2020. For some reason, that doesn’t necessarily come across to voters the same way,” she said on CNN on Monday, according to Raw Story. “But Donald Trump is not the strongest fighter that Republicans could have right now and it’s remarkable how much voters don’t see the age as also an issue because he is only three-and-a-half years younger than President Joe Biden, but there’s something about the way they carry themselves that is just seen very differently.”

Farah Griffin added that while Trump has never been Mr. Articulate, he’s “gotten worse. It hasn’t gotten better. He’s not nearly as sharp as he was.” The folks on Morning Joe agree with her:

(Via Raw Story)