Jimmy Kimmel Couldn’t Wait To Check On His Fake ‘MyPillow Mike’ To See How His Summer Went

After being away on vacation for the last part of the summer, Jimmy Kimmel missed out on Mike Lindell‘s disastrous Cyber Symposium, which ended in humiliation as Lindell’s own cyber security expert debunked the MyPillow’s CEO claims that he has a cache of data that proved the 2020 election was stolen. There was also lots of yelling at reporters and accusations of being attacked by Antifa. Basically, classic Lindell stuff, and Jimmy wanted to hear all about it.

Naturally, Kimmel didn’t talk to the real Lindell, but instead, to Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s resident “MyPillow Mike” impersonator James Adomian who, as always, delivered a pitch-perfect performance that captured just the right amount of nonsensical ranting. In the segment, Kimmel startles “MyPillow Mike” while he’s in the middle of a hammering away on a Red Box vending machine, prompting to late night host to ask what he’s doing.

“What the hey does it look like I’m doing?” MyPillow Mike said. “I’m cracking open this Dominion Voting Machine to extricate the bogus ballots.” After Kimmel points that it’s a Red Box, MyPillow Mike couldn’t agree more. “You’re right it’s a red box. It’s a red communist Chinese box and it’s here to steal the presidency from our Donald J. Trump.”

After some back and forth on how MyPillow Mike got the date wrong on Trump being reinstated because he was looking at his 1999 Kevin Spacey calendar upside down, Kimmel finally got to ask Mike what went wrong with the Cyber Symposium. According to Mike, he couldn’t expose the real evidence because it was too “dangerous” as proven by the attempt on his life.

“Dominion sent an assassin to viciously attack me in the lobby of my hotel. He came right up like Lee Oswald, and he said, ‘Hey Pillow,'” Mike told Kimmel before revealing that he knows the identity of his attackers. “It was the Ninja Turtles.”