The MyPillow Guy Can’t Contain His Excitement About Being A Kimmel Guest (And Jimmy Can’t Wait, Either)

Over the past two weeks, Jimmy Kimmel has been ruthlessly dunking on the MyPillow Guy, Mike Lindell, and his latest attempt to launch his own social media site and web store that can go toe-to-toe with Facebook and Amazon while also being a safe haven for conservatives who are tired of “cancel culture.” The disastrous and nonsensical launch has been a comedy buffet for late night hosts, and Kimmel has not been shy about going back for seconds and thirds. Earlier in the week, Kimmel took his obsession with Lindell to the next level by inviting the MyPillow CEO onto Jimmy Kimmel Live, which seemed like just another one of Kimmel’s jokes until something very unexpected happened: Lindell accepted the offer.

During his Wednesday night monologue, an excited, yet confused, Kimmel shared footage from Lindell’s recent Frankathon livestream where the MyPillow CEO learned that the Kimmel offer was not only legit, but his appearance is locked in for next Wednesday. Despite being the butt of numerous Kimmel jokes, Lindell was freaking ecstatic. In the clip, he’s practically speechless about going on Jimmy Kimmel Live before realizing he should probably act a little more restrained. But after slightly calming himself down, Lindell can’t help but call the whole thing a “blessing.”

Kimmel is also jazzed about getting to sit down with the manic MyPillow CEO, but he also couldn’t resist getting in a few jabs at Lindell’s odd level of enthusiasm. “I will say this, for a guy who’s convinced that this town is filled with celebrity baby cannibals, he seems to have no reservations about coming out whatsoever,” Kimmel quipped. “I don’t think anyone has been more excited to be a guest.”