Wacky Failed AZ Gov Candidate Kari Lake’s Deranged Antics Have Apparently Made Her About As Popular As The DMV In Her Home State

It’s not just Donald Trump who’s souring on former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

According to Newsweek, Lake doesn’t have much support amongst voters in her home state, and what she does have isn’t nearly enough to justify a Senate bid — something the right-wing firebrand has been contemplating since her 2022 midterm loss. Of course, Lake is still arguing that she actually won the race for governor that took place nearly a year ago, fighting to have the election results overturned in court. But, should she ever give up and admit defeat, many political pundits have predicted she’ll turn her sights to Washington D.C. and, with Trump’s backing, they assumed her senate campaign would be a slam dunk.

Now it seems the woman Trump reportedly dubbed a “spotlight hound” isn’t as beloved by the MAGA crowd as she thought. A poll of 1,000 registered voters showed that 51% of voters in Arizona hold a “very” or “somewhat” unfavorable opinion of Lake. The Republican candidate is also viewed unfavorably by 51% of independent voters, a key demo she’ll need to win in order to compete against current Senator Kyrsten Sinema and her Democratic challenger Ruben Gallego. Lake said she was considering a senate run earlier this month claiming she had, “a lot of options on the table,” but these new poll numbers show she’ll have a steep climb to keep up with her running mates. New data published earlier this year shows that Lake would lose to Gallego, possibly trailing him by double-digits, should she run as a Republican in the race.

Here’s hoping Trump doesn’t mind letting her couch surf at Mar-a-Lago a bit longer.

(Via Newsweek)