Please Enjoy This Video Of Kimberly Guilfoyle, Fiancée Of Don Jr., Peddling Gold And Silver Coins At CPAC

Kimberly Guilfoyle is the financée who does the most. The former Fox News co-host and ex-First Lady of San Francisco (she was previously married to current California Governor Gavin Newsom) may or may not fit in with Ivanka Trump. She has, however, been dating Don Jr. since at least 2018, and the pair has been engaged for at least a few years. She rose to RNC notoriety by inadvertently launching the Guilfoyle Challenge in 2020, when she shouted, “The. Best. Is. Yet. To. Come!!!!”

The best, it seems, is Guilfoyle’s transformation apparently becoming complete. Although she and Don Jr. are not yet married (that we know of), she’s now joining the fine tradition of pushing shady companies like at least one of her future relatives. That person once established the shady Trump Institute and more. And one week after Donald Trump promoted his own water brand while visiting the site of the toxic Ohio train accident, Kimberly is now promoting “KimsMetals,” where she wants people to buy gold and silver to “protect your retirement savings.”

We do not in any way suggest that you attempt to visit the URL that she mentions (god only knows what could lurk there), but it may not even be operational and/or safe, from the looks of things.

There have been plenty of shady Trump-linked “businesses” that have emerged over the years, but Don Jr. seems to have amped up his own shilling lately, too. He’s reportedly been reduced to hawking chunks of meat from a company that lost its BBB accreditation. And all one really has to do is visit Google to see the shady claims (and warnings) regarding “businesses” like the one Guilfoyle is pushing. And at CPAC, no less.