Lauren Boebert’s Criticism Of A Plan To ‘Fight Hate’ And Antisemitism Is A Real Head-Scratcher To A Lot Of People

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert continues to tweet into the ether without caring about the comeuppance that comes her way. This was recently the case when she attempted to shame John Fetterman’s “unbecoming” congressional hoodie and when she tweeted about Rosa Parks in a way that confused everyone because no one should be that good at a self-own. Then again, that Bud Light take fit the same bill, and the same vibe might be coming from Boebert’s criticism of President Biden’s recent declaration of a coordinated, multi-agency plan to “fight hate” and “counter antisemitism.”

Oddly, Boebert appears to be taking this as a threat. “When they say stuff like this, they mean they want to go after conservatives,” the congresswoman from Colorado tweeted. “Their tactics are straight out of the USSR’s playbook.”

That’s a stunner of a reach there, but Boebert has apparently committed by leaving the tweet intact, whereas her replies are filled with people wondering why she immediately jumped to “conservatives” when Biden mentioned antisemitism and hate. It’s quite a connection for her to make, and one must wonder why she is acting like she feels threatened. Does Boebert truly feel “personally attacked,” as one user suggested while many others echoed similar sentiments?

Boebert has not followed up on this tweet and, rather, has moved onto different subjects like vowing to vote no on the debt ceiling compromise, but still, it sure looks like a case of “you just so set yourself up” without meaning to sound so, well, defensive. In fact, the responses are absolutely merciless: “No one is taking prisoners today.”