Diehard MAGA Lauren Boebert’s Mystery ‘Beetlejuice’ Date Has Been Revealed As *Gasp* An Apparent Democrat And Bar Guy

In May, rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert surprised everyone, including husband of 18 years Jayson Boebert, by filing for divorce. At the time, she released a statement that spoke of “a heavy weight on my heart” and how she’s “always been faithful in my marriage.” Boebert loves to stress family values and even once advised women to run after Jesus if they felt their hearts leaving their marriages. Lo and behold, however, Boebert has not been sitting around and mourning her old partnership.

In Colorado as in most states, it generally takes several months to process a divorce filing until it’s granted, but Boebert has not decided to wait for a magical moment to move on. As evidenced by the video footage of the MAGA congresswoman being booted from a Broadway tour performance of Beetlejuice in Denver, Boebert looked cozy with her companion. They left the venue together, holding hands while she did some twirls.

At the time, Boebert’s date remained a mystery, but the Daily Mail couldn’t resist digging in. The publication identified him as Quinn Gallagher, a co-owner of Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen. Reportedly, this is not a brand-new romance. Daily Mail published its own photos of Gallagher in Aspen, and their “source” seems shocked that Gallagher would date a far-right Republican:

Now, DailyMail.com can reveal, that Boebert, 36, and divorced father of a 16-year-old son, Gallagher, 46, have been secretly dating for several months.

According to a well-placed source, ‘It’s very surprising. I always thought Quinn was a cool guy and a Democrat. His parents would be horrified because they are definitely blue.’

Gallagher can be seen (far right below) on the Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar Instagram page.

In 2019, Gallagher appeared in a Denver Post feature as a noted bartender who helped gather fellow service workers together as a mutual mental-health support network. The Daily Mail reports that he became a co-owner of the Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in 2022. Daily Mail added that Gallagher was born in or near Rifle, Colorado, where Boebert used to own (the now-defunct) Shooters Grill with (soon-to-be-ex-husband) Jayson.

It looks like the bar is catching a little heat already as a result of this news. On their Instagram page, comments like these have already surfaced: “I don’t patron places that are associated with Lauren Boebert” and “Getting kicked out of the Buell with [Boebert] for bad behavior at Beetlejuice on Sunday is so not a good look.” Pretty awkward stuff.

(Via Daily Mail)