Lauren Boebert’s Anti-Muslim Remarks Have Led To Her House Colleagues Passing An Anti-Islamophobia Bill From Ilhan Omar

Rifle Republican Lauren Boebert appears to be distracted this week by her emergence as an SNL parody target. Further, cast member Chloe Fineman has been trolling the “actual clown” after Boebert’s triggered response to a sketch that roasted her gun-filled family Christmas photo. This distraction, of course, didn’t stop the House from passing anti-Islamophobia legislation introduced by Boebert’s Democratic colleague, Rep. Ilhan Omar.

There’s quite a history there. Boebert performed some kind of bad stand-up comedy at a fundraiser, at which she repeated her “Jihad Squad” remarks and suggested that a Capitol Police officer feared Omar to be a terrorist because of backpacks or something. Omar, who has revealed how she’s received death threats following Boebert’s anti-Muslim remarks, used the situation for good. Late Tuesday, the House voted down party lines to pass Omar’s bill, which will battle Islamophobia in the U.S. Via CNN:

The House voted 219-212 Tuesday to pass Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s legislation to create a special envoy to combat Islamophobia, a week after progressives introduced a separate resolution to strip Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of her committee assignments following her anti-Muslim comments calling the Minnesota Democrat a terrorist.

The bill would address the rise in incidents of Islamophobia worldwide and still needs to pass the Senate before it could go to President Joe Biden’s desk to be signed into law.

According to ABC News, the floor debate (before the vote) grew contentious with GOP Rep. Scott Perry describing Omar “as anti-Semitic and implied that she has ties to terrorist organizations,” which prompted “audible gasps” from Democrats. And sadly enough, this issue is indeed falling down party lines in one of the houses of Congress. The bill will soon head to the Senate, and as of now, there’s been no public reaction from Boebert, although she’s proven that she can’t stay silent forever.

(Via ABC News & CNN)