‘Oh, Jesus’: Lauren Boebert Was Scorched By ‘Adult In This Room’ Rep. Jasmine Crockett For Insulting A Witness

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert is attempting to move on from missing an incredibly crucial vote before claiming that she purposely skipped it as a “protest.” Of course, video evidence of a scrambling Boebert proved otherwise, so she’s now doing her best to ignore that fiasco (although she’s cleared out plenty of time in her schedule to complain about her hero’s indictment for the second time).

Part of that ignoring tactic apparently involves insulting Oversight Committee witnesses. That’s unfortunately what happened to NYU professor Sally Katzen in a hearing that did not go well on multiple fronts. First, Boebert refused to let Katzen continue her train of thought by continuing to insist, “It is my time.”

For unknown reasons, Boebert decided to mention the reported worth of Katzen’s home, which of course left the witness aghast at why this was relevant or warranted behavior at all. In response to this, Rep. Jamie Raskin remarked, “An insult is not a substitute for an argument.”

Then Rep. Jasmine Crockett took over, and she was not amused by her colleague’s antics:

“I do come prepared for committee, and then there’s always someone from this side who does something that throws me off, so… Oh, Jesus… First of all, let me apologize because that was uncalled for. Let me do what she would never do, which is to be an adult in this room or in this chamber. I am going to start with some nonsense she was trying to spew and unlike Ms. Boebert, I am legally trained, and I passed a few bar exams, and I also legislated before I got here.”

As a result, Twitter users would like to report “a murder”…