Lauren Boebert Came For Kevin Costner And Then Took The Bait From A Notorious Twitter Troll Over Movie Trivia

Generally speaking, when a lawmaker’s attempting to show off movie-based knowledge, this involves Ted Cruz falling all over himself. The Princess Bride superfan previously feuded with Cary Elwes and botched both Watchmen and The Avengers. But Lauren Boebert is here to threaten Ted’s crown of stumbling into Twitter traps. No, she’s not “liking” saucy tweets (like Ted presumably did) late on a Monday night, but she is taking issue with Kevin Costner, and she got trolled mightily as a result.

Costner had decided to throw his Yellowstone weight behind Liz Cheney to support her House reelection campaign. Cheney, although a Republican, regularly angers the MAGA crowd and continues to do so as a prominent figure in the House’s investigation into Jan. 6. And Boebert couldn’t resist tossing a barb at the Bull Durham actor. “How did Kevin Costner go from Dancing with Wolves to slumming with RINOs?” she tweeted.

It’s one of those silly tweets that begged for a little trolling, so the notorious Three Year Letterman account stepped up to do so. He baited Boebert with an equally mindless (and purposefully inaccurate) tweet. “Kevin Costner was not in Dances with Wolves, Senator,” Letterman responded. “He was in Field of Dreams. You’re thinking of Jeff Bridges, so delete and correct this.”

Boebert took the bait, and while this might seem inconsequential (obviously, Costner really was in Field of Dreams), it’s quite something that Boebert’s entrenched enough on Twitter to express well wishes for “Catturd2” but not recognize the Letterman account for what it is. And she fired back: “I’m not a Senator, and Kevin Costner acted in and directed the dang thing. Next!”

Letterman continued to tweet random gibberish about DVDs and how he’d like to be addressed.

And it doesn’t matter, at all, except for the “owning the libs” angle. Also: “Next!”