Lauren Boebert’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Attack On Pronouns Led To Some Swift Schooling And Embarrassment

MAGA cheerleader congresswoman Lauren Boebert doesn’t have to keep reminding everyone that she holds a GED and therefore did not graduate from high school. She somehow persists in doing so, however, when she’s confusing Samuel Adams and John Adams or botching the branches of government and the Bill of Rights. All that matters to Boebert is guns and freedom, and she acts like the latter is under fire because people choose their own pronouns.

The rootin’ tootin’ lawmaker, who’s also recently been doubling down on her insistence that the Christian Church should run the U.S. government, took some time out of her busy campaign schedule to fire a shot at Ukrainian President Zelensky for appearing in Vogue. Granted, such a photoshoot is an easy (and somewhat valid) target, but Boebert had already dug a miles-long hole for herself with an unprovoked attack on those who voice their preferred pronouns.

“When you use pronouns to introduce yourself,” Boebert tweeted. “I’m assuming everything you have to say after is as idiotic as your introduction.”

Oddly enough, Boebert once her declared her own pronoun: “Patriot.”

Obviously, that’s a noun, not a pronoun, and people were quick to remind Boebert that she’s punching above her intellectual weight, so to speak.

Also, Ted Cruz recently named his own pronouns, so there. “Kiss” “my” and “ass” must have made him very proud, but yup, he was self-owning, too.

This final tweet, however, encapsulates the odd hysteria that’s frequently expressed by the far right, including Boebert. If pronouns could be compared to guns, according to one Twitter user, “then they’ll start asking for your nouns, adjectives, adverbs, this absurdity will only further dampen and derange how people treat each other and utterly destroy basic human communication.”

Put a chef’s kiss on that one!