Lauren Boebert’s Newest House Speech Reportedly Had Republicans ‘Rolling Their Eyes,’ And She Used The Moment To Fundraise

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s latest move genuinely has me surprised, given the timing. It’s only been a few weeks since she was filmed frantically scrambling up the U.S. Capitol stairs. So you’d think that moment might have given her pause to pull any flashy moves, at least for a bit, and let a few people forget the fact that she showed up too late to vote on the debt ceiling (and then lied, calling it a “protest”). No waiting around here, though.

Recently, Boebert has plowed full steam through not only insulting a witness at an Oversight Committee meeting but also wanting people to know that she is aware of George Orwell‘s existence. Now, she’s (again) attempting to impeach Joe Biden, but it’s apparently not going over well for her. Here’s a video clip of Boebert genuinely blaming Biden for the U.S.-Mexico border fiasco that has been going on for quite some time.

Boebert “brought a privileged motion,” meaning that this “will force a vote on the impeachment of Joe Biden” because she accuses Biden of “allow[ing] human traffickers to thrive and giv[ing] the cartel a free pass.” So it will definitely be worth watching how the numbers turn out.

As The Independent notes, though, the initial GOP response was not to rally around Boebert. If one of her Democratic colleagues, Democrat Maxwell Frost from Florida, is to be believed, this didn’t impress all Republicans. “I’m on the House Floor and Boebert is introducing articles of impeachment on President Biden,” Frost tweeted. “I see even Republicans rolling their eyes. Lmao.”

Boebert didn’t seem to be interested in waiting for a reaction to her speech, though. She had already popped over to Twitter to announce, “I’m calling on every member of the Republican Party to join me!” She added a mailing list/fundraiser link, too.

Fundraising while filing articles of impeachment? That’s something, alright.