Lauren Boebert Unloaded A Bizarre Attack On New Zealand About ‘Animal Farm’ And Received Some Swift Comeuppance

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert might not want to worry too much about lawmakers in other countries after missing out on an incredibly crucial vote for the American people. Boebert also lied about why she showed up late for that event (a “protest”) before footage revealed Boebert running up the U.S. Capitol stairs, only to be told she was too late. However, Boebert still hasn’t admitted to what that video evidence revealed, and she’s been in distraction mode since that time.

These antics included insulting a witness during an Oversight Committee meeting, but now, Boebert is concerning herself with matters in New Zealand. She’s very concerned about “ethnicity” as one of the several criteria for prioritizing patients in line for medical care. Boebert is seeing the worst in this news, which is kind-of beside the point because doctors already do evaluate risk factors based upon ethnicity, age, sex, and so on. Still, Boebert wants everyone to know that she has heard of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

“That’s right, surgeons in Auckland are now being asked to consider patients’ ethnicity as one of the factors when deciding who needs an operation first,” the congresswoman from Colorado tweeted. “This is an ethical nightmare and New Zealand really is becoming a cesspit of government control. We’ve been saying for years that all of this was a slippery slope, and now New Zealand is already at the ‘Animal Farm’ stage of their decline. And rest assured, the wokeness that starts there comes here a few years after. That’s why we have to resist it at every turn.”

The initial smattering of responses were not flattering to Boebert or her ironically Orwellian leap of logic.

People also asked the obvious: whether she’d ever read Animal Farm. (I’m also wondering if she realized that Orwell was a democratic socialist, beyond the subject matter of the book?)

And of course, people would love to know why she cares so much about New Zealand while she misses votes in the U.S. and spends a lot of time tweeting.

The week is young. Lots of rootin’ and tootin’ to come, no doubt.