Lauren Boebert Had An Odd Coincidence On The Day That Her MAGA Hero Was Indicted On RICO Charges

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert doesn’t have the most graceful responses when her MAGA idol, Donald Trump, lands indictments. That phenomenon is beginning to be a regular occurrence with Trump racking up his fourth one this week, which caused him to get so torqued up that he couldn’t even spell “indicted” correctly or even muster up his usual ALL CAPS mode. Whereas ex-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis went into “live laugh love” mode, so it’s an all-around circus of responses other than “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani actually not performing (perhaps after recalling that he pioneered the prosecutorial use of RICO statutes back in his 1980s heyday).

Speaking of RICO, here’s how Boebert spent her August 14 prior to the RICO-themed indictment. She was hanging in the small town of Rico, Colorado. Yes, she posted photos that prove that she was there, and these didn’t make it onto her main Twitter account, or they’d probably be attracting more attention.

“Honored to spend time with firefighters from the Rico Fire Protection District – true heroes dedicated to keeping our community safe,” the MAGA congressman tweeted. “Their bravery and commitment are truly remarkable. Grateful for their sacrifice and service!”

Boebert posted these photos only a short time before the Georgia indictment dropped on Monday evening, but of course, several people couldn’t resist commenting with a “RICO So fitting” and the like. Boebert’s timing isn’t always impeccable, but here, she inadvertently nailed it.