Lauren Boebert Is Being Roasted Over A Self-Congratulatory Rant About Her Former ‘Government Dependency’ For Money And ‘Work Ethic’

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s origin story includes receiving her GED mere months before being elected to Congress. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with holding a GED, but the MAGA congresswoman has used her subsequent platform to tear down those with a similar background as her own. Boebert has previously discussed how she was born into a “Democrat household on welfare,” and she doesn’t seem to care that she probably wouldn’t have had food on the table without this assistance. Instead, she looks down upon the practice and is now bragging about her “work ethic.”

This move follows Boebert’s movement back into anti-trans remarks while proposing an amendment to reduce Shawn Skelly’s salary to $1 and accusing him of ruining the military with “wokeism.” This, of course, might be a desperate attempt for Boebert to make everyone stop thinking about her groping scandal or as it is more colloquially known, “Grabbing the hog.”

“I lived under government dependency,” Boebert declared on the House floor in the below clip. “[A]nd I’m thankful that I have broke free of that cycle given my life experiences and developing work ethic”

Does Boebert realize that she is paid from the wallets of taxpayers and is still technically accepting money (a lot of it) and cushy benefits from the government? She also seems to believe that tweeting, missing important votes (and lying about why), and delivering angry tirades on the House floor counts as a work ethic.

The “old razzle dazzle” won’t make that groping scandal go away, but Boebert is sure trying.