Wacky Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Filled With ‘Disgust’ Because Tom Hanks Said Nice Things About Joe Biden In An Ad

It’s wild to remember how, four years ago, Steve Bannon was the White House chief strategist to President Trump. He’s now waiting a July trial on federal contempt charges after he refused to comply with a subpoena for the House Jan. 6 committee. So, he’s currently free to host his War Room podcast, and his most frequent guest happens to be wacky QAnon cheerleader Marjorie Taylor Greene. These two share an interesting dynamic with him occasionally giving a side-eye to her lies but enjoying her company well enough to keep inviting her back, since she also told him that she’s done with politics. This week’s Greene-Bannon team up is a rager — as in, Marjorie is entirely angry about Tom Hanks’ new ad to celebrate Biden’s one-year anniversary as president.

Granted, Biden has been dealing with several impossible helpings of horribleness since taking office. He inherited a messy pandemic mindset from a sizable chunk of the American people. The pandemic’s wreaked ongoing havoc on the economy, and so on. Omicron has taken progress in the wrong direction, and Congress can’t seem to pass anything effective because Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin have essentially gone Republican. Well, Marjorie seems to think that this ad from Tom Hanks might be the worst thing going on today, other than “kids are wearing masks every single day!” Via Raw Story:

“I was absolutely disgusted with Tom Hanks! All I could think about was, ‘Well this is definitely a Hollywood movie.’ I mean, honestly, ‘Be brave?!’ And all of these statistics he’s quoting… everything he was saying is a lie!”

Meanwhile, Greene (who is wealthy without her congressional salary), has decided to keep on racking up no mask fines by defying Nancy Pelosi’s mandate. Still, she’s very upset about the reality of being unvaccinated, as she told Bannon, because she’s not allowed to go into gyms or bars. And she’s so mad at Tom Hanks, which is yet another thing she doesn’t have in common with reality lovers.

(Via Raw Story)