The Internet Is Dying Over This ‘Maury’ Guest Who Looks Just Like Ted Cruz

In his rise to become the GOP’s runner up presidential candidate, Ted Cruz has been speculated to be a lot of things: Stryper lead singer, Zodiac killer, and soup fiend. But perhaps no comparison has been so apt as the one that’s surfaced this week, from a Maury episode that aired Monday titled “5 Men Tested… Will I Find My Daughter’s Father Today?” A screenshot from the episode began floating around the internet when people started noticing that the special lady in question bears more than a passing resemblance to our favorite creepy Christian candidate. Even Maury picked up on it, posting the image to the show’s Instagram account yesterday:


And of course Twitter has been having a field day with it:

Either way, we think a DNA test is very much in question, and it ain’t to find out who the father(s) of this lady’s kid are.