Meghan McCain Goes ‘Both Sides’ On The Jim Jordan And Dr. Fauci Showdown: ‘All Of Them Looked Bad’

While the rest of the co-hosts on The View were able to set aside political differences and credit Ivanka Trump for encouraging people to get the COVID vaccine, Meghan McCain couldn’t do the same when it came time to discuss the showdown in Congress on Thursday that resulted in Maxine Waters telling Jim Jordan to “shut your mouth” after he continued to speak out of turn and berate Dr. Fauci. Instead of conceding that Jordan was out of line by hurling Republican talking points at Fauci, McCain announced that everyone “looked bad” including Waters and Democratic congressman James Clyburn, who simply tried to restore order.

McCain then tore into Congress for having a “61 percent disapproval rate” before she launched into a defense of Republican’s distrust in government. Via Mediaite:

“Republicans are contrarian. They’re skeptical of big government. That is who we are. It’s in my DNA and makeup to question authority and question government,” McCain said. “We think big government is bad. We don’t think that bending the knee to big government is the answer to everything. That’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans.”

But despite McCain’s lecture on how it’s in Republicans’ nature to “question authority” — in this case, necessary COVID restrictions — she then argued that to blame Republicans for politicizing the pandemic is “intellectually dishonest.” OK.

Unlike McCain, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel had no problem calling out “meathead” Jim Jordan for arguing with Fauci during his Thursday night monologue. “This guy has been doing this forever. He’s giving his very educated opinions,” Kimmel said in defense of Fauci. “The closest Jim Jordan ever got to being an infectious disease is contracting scabies on a wrestling mat.”

(Via Mediaite)