Melania Trump Reportedly Went To Great Lengths To Try To Humiliate Her Husband Publicly In Retaliation For The Stormy Daniels Affair

I’ll Take Your Questions Now, the new book from Stephanie Grisham, former White House press secretary and chief of staff for Melania Trump, keeps on yielding the goods. For our current discussion purposes, there’s plenty of dish about Stormy Daniels and Melania Trump, separately and apart. For one thing, Graham wrote that she was forced to hear Trump whine about Stormy’s claim that his penis looked like a “toadstool,” along with details of Melania caring so little about the 2020 presidential election that she slept through results night. And we’d already seen that curious moment ^^^ when Melania exited Air Force One for the last time, showing that she has no f*cks left to give by changing into an objectively horrid dress and refusing to pose for photos.

So, what gives when the Stormy and Melania parts of Graham’s book intersect? Oh boy. Graham, who worked closely with Melania, revealed that the former First Lady was much more ticked off about the alleged affair than she let on. In fact, she apparently took joy in attempting to humiliate him (that Air Force One moment is a big one in retrospect), in revenge for her humiliation. Via Washington Post:

The airing of Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels is what “unleashed” Melania Trump to start publicly contradicting or ignoring her husband — trying to embarrass him as he had embarrassed her. She walked into his first State of the Union address arm-in-arm with a handsome military aide Grisham had hand-selected because, Melania said, the floors of the Capitol were too slippery.

“I laughed to myself because I’d seen the woman navigate dirt roads in her heels,” Grisham writes.

And when Grisham drafted a tweet for Melania requesting privacy, saying she was concentrating on being a mother, wife and first lady, she had Grisham remove the word “wife.”

Graham does note, however, that this was more of a matter of pride for Melania, who didn’t seem to be emotionally affected about the Stormy affair. Mind you, Melania apparently didn’t buy Donald’s denials but didn’t care, either, while declaring, “This is Donald’s problem. He got himself into this mess. He can fix it by himself.” Yup.

There’s more Melania dish where that came from. Graham’s book did yield word that Jared Kushner was nicknamed “the Slim Reaper” because he tended to f*ck things up and expected people to fix them for him, and Melania’s reported nickname was pretty telling, too. The Secret Service enjoyed calling her “Rapunzel,” a label that stuck “because she rarely left her tower, a.k.a the White House residence.” She was apparently the easiest Trump to monitor, too, because this freed up agents to “spend more time with their families.” This, of course, brings to mind that report that Don Jr. got cucked when a Secret Service agent had a fling with Vanessa Trump. Yeah, this family is a real party, but it sounds like (other than the money stuff) Melania has checked out.

(Via Washington Post)