People Are Scratching Their Heads Over Millie Bobby Brown’s Morphing Accent

Millie Bobby Brown stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to promote her epic new fantasy film Damsel. Unfortunately for Netflix, everyone’s attention immediately gravitated to one thing and one thing only: Brown’s accent.

While talking to Fallon, fans couldn’t help but notice that Brown’s English accent was either completely missing or dropping in and out. Social media began filling up with comments asking what the heck happened to her voice, and British users were particularly distressed to hear Brown seemingly assimilate into an American accent.

Here’s what some of the comments are saying:

Her accent is basically gone 😮

Her accent is such a mix of British and American she like tunes in and out of both 😭

Her accent is going in and out

She sounds so American now 😭😭

However, Brown had some defenders in the comments, who noted that her accent change is not uncommon.

“I know most people don’t realize this, but oftentimes actors who are using a different language for a film, forget how to speak their natural accent. Gary Oldman is a perfect example. He had to go to language therapy to get it back. She is also currently filming, so the American accent is naturally coming out.”

As for what Brown is filming, just a little show called Stranger Things 5.

“For everyone saying that she doesn’t have her British accent anymore, bear in mind that she is currently filming ST5 so she has been using her American accent more recently.”

You can see more reactions from Twitter below:

Damsel starts streaming March 28 on Netflix.

(Via The Tonight Show on Instagram)