The Infamous O.J. Simpson White Bronco Is Officially For Sale Again With An Enormous Price Tag

O.J. Simpson’s recent death at 76 stirred up plenty of pop-culture memories regarding the convicted felon. Stephen A. Smith even interrupted his day off to weigh in on the Trial of the Century, and Conan O’Brien praised those jokes from Norm Macdonald.

Still others wondered about the infamous white Bronco’s whereabouts, and there was enough resurrected curiosity regarding his 1994 vehicle of choice (driven by Al Cowlings) for a high-speed car chase. For several years, the vehicle has been sitting (on loan) at Tennessee’s Alcatraz East Crime Museum, but the 1993 Bronco is actually owned by three individuals (including Michael Gilbert, who is Simpson’s ex agent, and two people linked to Cowlings). The group has fielded sales interest over the years, including a $750,000 offer, but now, renewed interest is making them more open to sell for a heftier price.

The trio spoke with the Cllct memorabilia site (via New York Post), which reports that “they are now hoping to get at least $1.5 million in a public or private sale, according to the outlet.”

Hmm. Well to be fair, the Bronco is notorious and gently used (after sitting in garages for most of the past few decades), but still, would anyone shell out that kind of money, for real? We might soon find out. As for Gilbert, he insists that the plan was always to sell this year “because it’s the 30th anniversary” of the chase, and it just so happens that Simpson has also passed away.

(Via New York Post)