No One In The Trump Camp Is Retweeting Links To Rudy Giuliani’s Legal Defense Fund, Which Has Raised Next To Nothing

Rudy Giuliani came out of what was effectively retirement to help then-president Donald J. Trump. He made ridiculous claims on the record. He spearheaded the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Debacle. He had mystery goo drip down his head during a press conference. He introduced the world to the Wine Lady Witness. He got himself sued and had his office in New York City, where he once resided as a beloved mayor, raided by the feds. He repeatedly humiliated himself and destroyed his reputation. And it was all for Trump. And now no one is helping him out of a rapidly deepening financial hole.

We’ve already known that Trump seems to be letting his beleaguered personal attorney drown in legal fees, but as per The Daily Beast, it’s worse than that. No one in the Trump camp is lending him a dime. But it’s also worse than that: Most are’t even acknowledging the existence of the legal defense fund set up by his longtime friend Bernard Kerik to save him from bankruptcy:

“There have been times when I’ve asked people in the [former] president’s orbit to see if Trump wanted to draw attention to the fundraising,” said an ally and longtime associate of the former New York City mayor. “That went nowhere. Many of these people wouldn’t even tweet or retweet [links to the legal fund] when I asked them to.”

Indeed, since he was booted from Twitter in January, Trump himself has only issued one formal statement about his close ally. After Giuliani’s New York lawyer license was rescinded, the former president called him te “greatest Mayor in the history of New York City” and “the Eliot Ness of his generation.”

The next closest thing to support is an aside he made during one of his Fox News phone-ins, when he called the feds searching his NYC office “unfair” and “a double standard like I don’t think anybody’s ever seen before.”

But that’s it. Meanwhile, with his law license suspended in both New York and Washington States, he’s been robbed of an important source of income. And legal bills are pilin gup. There’s the billion-dollar defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, the claims that he helped incite the Jan. 6 Capitol siege, plus a Justice Department criminal probe into his dealings with Ukraine.

All of it was for Trump. And so far he’s not returned the favor.

Sources claim there have been several attempts to convince Trump to swoop in and help, be it giving him money — perhaps from the millions and millions he’s bilked from his supporters — or simply releasing a public statement, advising people to donate to his cause. But it’s all been for naught.

To make it worse, Giuliani knows he can’t complain, lest he make Trump worse than disinterested. Which is to say: angry.

According to a person with knowledge of the matter, Giuliani has reminded those close to him to not name Trump when complaining in public or on social media about how top Republicans have abandoned Giuliani in his time of distress.

“We are allowed to call out the RNC and other Republican leaders,” this source said. “But not Donald Trump.”

Lesson learned: Maybe don’t destroy your life for someone infamous for demanding absolute loyalty but also prone to throw anyone under the bus if it suits him. Invite a vampire into your life, and they’ll destroy your life, as the United States continues to find out.

(Via The Daily Beast)