‘SNL’ Weekend Update Compared Vengeance-Seeking Trump To One Of Batman’s Most Formidable Foes

With every primary win — and every legal loss — Donald Trump gets closer and closer to having to show what it’s like when someone runs for president from jail. On Saturday the serially indicted candidate nabbed yet another state: South Carolina. Has that humbled him? Pshaw. It’s only made him angrier. At this weekend’s wacky/scary CPAC he made bone-chilling promises of what he’d do if re-elected, so creepy that SNL couldn’t help but compare him to one of Batman’s most formidable foes.

During Weekend Update, Colin Jost played a clip from Trump’s post-victory CPAC speech, which Jost jokingly described as a “more moderate [and] unifying tone.” (Spoiler: It was not.)

“November 5th will be our new liberation day, but for the liars and cheaters and fraudsters and censors and imposters, it will be their Judgment Day,” Trump raged.

“Where did I hear that before?” Jost wondered. “Oh right: Bane.”

Bane, of course, was one of the secondary baddies in 1997’s Batman & Robin, then, some 15 years later, the main villain of The Dark Knight Rises. Played by a mushy-mouthed Tom Hardy, he was depicted as a rabble-rouser chaos agent, taking over Gotham and defying law enforcement. Certainly doesn’t sound familiar.

Later co-anchor Michael Che brought up Trump’s ridiculous $400 gold sneakers, joking that one “can check them out on the feet of the guy getting dragged off your flight.”

You can watch SNL Weekend Update in the video above.