Sitting Senator Ted Cruz Used An Eggplant Emoji To Critique Biden, And An Old Twitter ‘Like’ Came Back To Haunt Him

Ted Cruz can’t help himself. He’s enormously online and won’t stop tweeting, to the point where he’s been busted ignoring his colleagues while tweeting during committee meetings. He also (and this still in the “allegedly” camp) may have once spent late-night time on Twitter while “liking” adult content and then blaming it on a “staffing issue.” Yet Cruz appears to be mostly running his own tweets and often spends the day taking digs at those who don’t share his political views.

He did so on Wednesday while firing a shot at Biden in the realm of international relations. Specifically, Cruz side-eyed Biden’s diplomatic approach to Putin (and Putin being “satisfied”), which is strange, considering that Cruz still backs Trump, and the whole Putin-Trump thing has proven to be enormously sketchy. Cruz also has no room to claim being an effective diplomat either, because when most people think about Cruz and another country, it involves his Cancun debacle or his recent decision to stand in a crumbling home in Israel on Memorial Day. Still, Cruz went there while making a juvenile Twitter joke (with a made-up headline) about how “Biden satisfies Putin.” Naturally, he added an eggplant emoji and, uh, a clown face while adding, “Maybe not the headline they were looking for.”

Naturally, Ted’s use of the eggplant took people’s minds to a place that Ted probably wasn’t “looking for,” either: back to that tweet that he (or someone on his staff) “liked.”

People also wondered why some politicians (and Cruz, a sitting senator, frequently falls into this camp) decide to behave like stereotypical teenagers.

Maybe it’s time to step away from the Twitter, Ted?