‘Did You Not Realize You Were In a Cult?’: Whoopi Goldberg Straight-Up Asked A Former Trump Loyalist The Big Question

Former Donald Trump administration aide Cassidy Hutchinson stopped by The View on Tuesday morning to promote her new book, and Whoopi Goldberg got straight to the point when it came to asking why Hutchinson didn’t leave the MAGA White House sooner.

“Did you not realize you were in a cult?” Goldberg asked as Hutchinson reflected on her time working for Trump. Co-host Sara Haines added to that point. “Look at church cult leaders,” Haines said. “You read these books about the slow degradation of tearing down the individual to build the leader. It happens. It’s a mind… thing.”

Of course, leave it to Joy Behar to go there. “Were there daddy issues?” she asked Hutchinson. “I mean, a lot of these people feel like they have daddy issues. … But a lot of them are following Daddy. Like, ‘Tell me what to do, Daddy.'”

Despite the daddy jokes, Hutchinson didn’t avoid the question, according to Mediaite.

“I can’t speak for other people on that but I will say, yes, he is charming,” Hutchinson admitted. “He has that personality that can bring you in. But it’s more about the power of Donald Trump’s movement. And Donald Trump wasn’t just born yesterday. He didn’t just appear in 2015.”

However, the former Trump aide sees much more clearly now after realizing it was not her job to stop the former president from making terrible decisions.

“He’s a grown man and he made decisions to overrule our democratic rule of law,” Hutchinson said. “And it is not the staff around him. So looking back and upon reflection, I should not have felt that way. But I felt that loyalty to him still because I wanted him to still be surrounded by good people. And I thought that I could be a decent voice around him.”

(Via Mediaite)