Trump Would Reportedly Eat A Small Meal For Lunch Meetings At The White House And Then Sneak Back Into The Kitchen For A 2nd ‘Real Lunch’ After Guests Left

Former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s book sure is making MAGA world angry. Rudy Giuliani flipped out over allegations that he groped Hutchinson with “frozen fingers,” and Hutchinson found herself bluntly shutting down Matt Gaetz’s claims that they had a romance. Hutchinson also reported that MyPillow guru and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Mike Lindell was allowed to freely wander the White House without an escort.

What’s next? Trump’s constant smoke-and-mirrors about his supposedly healthy lifestyle, which he has also countered with a steady stream of taco bowls and fried chicken. Via Raw Story, Hutchinson wrote about how irritated Trump was after a lunch with Liz Cheney and Steve Scalise, and in the process, she revealed that Trump ate small lunches whenever guests were around, and after they left, he’d raid the kitchen for a “real” meal. He also reportedly complained about personal-space invaders while acting that way himself:

“I was prepared to be reprimanded for having invited Liz, ready to take the blame and a told-you-so from Mark. The president was eating a second (his real) lunch and looked cross,” she writes, indicating Trump ate a smaller first lunch with the members.

“Mark asked if everything had gone okay, and the president immediately started to complain — not about Liz, but about Steve, who he said had tried to dominate the conversation. Steve had been acting like an ‘obsessed fan’ with no concept of personal space,” the story continues. “’He kept bringing his chair closer to me, and getting too close to my face when he spoke, like he doesn’t know I can hear him fine,’ the president said. He stressed several times that he did not want to be put in that situation again.”

This is, of course, the same guy who self-reported his weight during a jail booking, and everyone knew he was full of it. Also, this has little to do, underneath it all, with weight struggles but more about Trump’s habit of lying like he’s drinking Diet Coke. Speaking of which, you know he must have raided the kitchen and guzzled that stuff at least a few dozen times to fuel himself for late-night Twitter tirades. Hutchinson’s book really keeps on giving.

(Via Raw Story)