Taylor Port Is At The Center Of TikTok’s Latest (Drunken) Challenge

Just as often as TikTok is a platform of discovery, turning people on to products, foods, and hacks that can be life-altering, or you know, possibly poisonous, the platform sometimes seems to collectively discover a thing that has always existed, and it’s truly a joy to watch a bunch of people marvel over a thing that much of the world already knows about.

Most recently, the people of TikTok seem to have discovered the wonderful world of fortified wines, specifically Taylor Port Wine.

If you’re not familiar with port wine (or simply “port”), it’s essentially a rich and sumptuous fortified wine that packs some serious alcohol content (thanks to the brandy added to the wine before aging). Think of port as the bridge between the easy-to-drink and relaxing vibes of your favorite beer or bottle of red or white wine, and the harder spirits like, well, brandy or cognac. Taylor Port Wine — which was founded in 1692, long before anyone could’ve ever conceived of TikTok — in particular packs about 18% ABV, which is slightly higher than your average bottle of red wine (12% usually). So, it isn’t exactly strong but packs a much more powerful punch than a casual wine drinker would expect from a bottle of “wine.”

Add to that the fact that a typical pour of port is usually around two ounces, which not a single user on TikTok seems to be aware of because just about all of the people who have embarked on the Taylor Port Wine challenge serve the drink in a typical wine glass, which can hold anywhere from six to 12 ounces.

As you might imagine, TikTok users reviewing the fortified wine are in for all sorts of surprises, like getting absolutely sh*tfaced after a single glass. There is nothing quite as funny as someone underestimating the power of a bottle of alcohol, resulting in some truly hilarious videos. This doesn’t seem as dangerous as other recent TikTok trends, and it’s probably resulting in some good business for Taylor, but the best thing about this is that now more people will know about fortified wines.

Next step, sherry! Pretty soon everyone on TikTok is going to be talking like Frasier, which will make the world a much more humorous place. Check out some of the best videos from the Taylor Port Wine challenge below and go and grab yourself a bottle. But go easy, unless you want to wake up with a head-splitting hangover.



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