That Long-Threatened ‘Frasier’ Reboot Is Officially Official, With A Series Greenlight From Paramount+

It’s been a really long time since Kelsey Grammer first seriously floated the idea of a Frasier reboot. The pandemic wasn’t even a glint in anyone’s eyes — that’s how long it’s been. Look, he’s been busy making things like Money Plane. But good things come to those who wait, and so it is that a greenlight has finally, finally been awarded to the Cheers spinoff that some — wrongly! — think is superior to its legendary parent show.

As per Deadline, the Frasier reboot is officially a go at Paramount+, and while it’s not yet known how many episodes there will be, it’s believed to be 10. Like many a revival, this won’t be getting the whole gang, one of whom is no longer with us, back together. It might not even get Niles or Daphne or Roz, much less Bulldog or Gil Chesterson or Bebe, Frasier’s trainwreck of an agent. Instead, it looks like it’s going to follow television’s favorite psychiatrist in a new city with a new cast.

Frasier Crane made his debut in the season 3 premiere of Cheers, playing the new, snooty boy toy of Shelley Long’s snooty Diane Chambers. Even after she dumped him, he stuck around, despite being a lot more cultured than the bar’s regular clientele, who put up with stunts like him trying to get them into Dickens. He proved so popular — and was so unlike any other character on the show — that he got his own spin-off the season after Cheers ended. That said, despite being on TV for 20 years, he’s not the longest-running consistent character in television history. That honor belongs to Mariska Hargitay, who has played Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’s Olivia Benson since 1999.

Anyway, welcome back, Frasier, whenever it is you’re actually coming back. In the meantime, we have some ideas about where it can go.

(Via Deadline)