Who Has Received Tom Cruise’s Famous Christmas Cake So Far This Year?

Congratulations everyone, we all made it to another Tom Cruise Coconut Cake Day! You, a normal person reading the internet, might not be aware of what such an honor entails, but it’s never too late for you to learn. Some of us have been tracking this cake for years. It’s a thrilling but exhausting task.

Every year, Cruise takes a break from jumping out of planes or whatever he does and sends a coveted white chocolate coconut bundt cake to his various celebrity friends, peers, and maybe some enemies. The cake is from Doan’s Bakery and yes, they do ship, if you are looking to drop $125+ on a cake. Who isn’t? Past cake receivers include Tom Hanks, Michael Bay, and Jimmy Fallon. Others, like Brooke Shields, have been stripped of the Cake Receiver title, which seems even worse than being blacklisted in Hollywood. You really need to earn your spot on the list. It’s not for everyone, and Cruise is not afraid to make a list and check it twice.

The only way to prove you are cool enough for a cake is to post it on social media in order to show off to the normal people who aren’t on Cruise’s cake list. Rumor has it you have to provide your ticket stub from Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning in order to sign for the cake though that was probably made up by me. Either way, here are some early recipients of the 2023 Coconut Cake. Good luck next year!

Yes, the cake looks good. But it has nothing on the IHOP Wonka meal so maybe we should be focused on those purple pancakes instead.