When Will The ‘GTA 6’ Trailer Come Out?

The Grand Theft Auto world will finally receive a new Rockstar Games iteration, a full decade after GTA 5 arrived. The precise release date of GTA 6 hasn’t yet been revealed, but the trailer will obviously arrive in a speedier fashion. When, though?

Via Rockstar Games co-founder Sam Houser’s official announcement, “[I]n early December, we will release the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto.”

In other words, this will be happening within the next few weeks while people still wonder if GTA 6 will surface on PS4 and whether there shall be a day-one release for PC. And to say that this incarnation is much anticipated would be a ridiculous understatement, and hopefully, there won’t be another source code leak to dampen any vibes or momentum from the publisher. In other words, let’s hope that no one ruins Christmas for fans of the game series.

As well, there shall also be a future GTA TV series, Vice City, which was apparently hinted at by 50 Cent earlier this year. Expect that show to surface on Paramount+, which means that there could be another juggernaut there beyond the dozen or so Taylor Sheridan shows that rule nearly the entire roost. Watch out, Yellowstone universe!

(Via Rockstar Games)