Will ‘GTA 6’ Be On PS4?

Grand Theft Auto fans received some welcome news this week with word that a GTA 6 trailer will go live in early December. As far as a release date goes, the publisher was less forthcoming, but nonetheless, gamers can cross fingers for a swift turnaround after the trailer.

This update arrived more than a year after word of a source code leak that was later confirmed as the result of a “network intrusion” upon Rockstar Games. We don’t yet know the “when” of when GTA 6 will arrive, but what of the available platforms? PC might be the way to go (albeit not on Day One, according to Comic Book), but if you are looking to play the game on a PS4, you are likely out of luck. It’s hard to imagine that this game will arrive for a 10-year-old platform, and that’s especially going to be the case if the trailer arrives long before the actual game release day.

In other words, prepare to play this upcoming release on PS5. The chatter on the GTA 6 subreddit also reveals that — while there’s no official word on platforms from Rockstar Games yet — that this is what gamers are planning for, and Sony surely won’t want the game to be toned down, simply so that it will work on the slower processors of a PS4.

In fact, word of the trailer might just spur some extra PS5 sales for Christmas. That’s a better long game than releasing the game for PS4 simply to sell some extra copies right at GTA 6 release. Granted, there actually are not too many PS5 exclusive games yet, but with such a highly anticipated release like GTA 6, it seems likely that PS5 will be the launching point.

As well, games can also look forward to a GTA TV series (which got sort-of hat-tipped by 50 Cent) in the works. Vice City will be prepped for Paramount+ by Paramount and Lionsgate, so hang tight for more developments there, too.

(Via Rockstar Games & Comic Book)