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Dariel Figueroa is a writer and multimedia junkie who lives vicariously through the circa-1940s jazz musician sock puppets his great aunt routinely entertains him with.
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In Which We Travel To Vegas To Learn More About The ‘Point Break’ Remake

By | 15 Comments

We traveled from New Jersey to Las Vegas to attend the 'Point Break' remake's press event. This is what we saw.


Ice Cube’s Legacy: From Fearsome Rapper To Film Star

By | 6 Comments

Ice Cube was a "gangsta" rapper, then he changed careers and became a Hollywood mogul.


Celebrate YouTube’s 10-Year Anniversary By Watching The First Video Ever Posted

By | 7 Comments

Can you guess what the video is? Puppies riding on a monkey's back?

#Deeper Dives

Welcome To Sierra Blanca, Where Rock Stars Get Busted For Drugs

By | 16 Comments

Avoid this checkstop at all costs if you have substances on you, especially if you're a celebrity.

#Deeper Dives

The Rise And Fall Of Big Pun

By | 74 Comments

Big Pun was one of the greatest rappers of all-time, but troubles with the law and the scars of a traumatic childhood marred his short life.

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