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Here’s What’s New On Netflix In October

By | 34 Comments

Gilmore Girls is here just in time for Halloween.


How J.J. Abrams And Damon Lindelof Tricked ABC Into Creating ‘Lost’

By | 33 Comments

'Lost' was one of the most ambitious and creative TV shows ever. But, it was almost something else.

#Bill Murray

The Story Behind Bill Murray And Harold Ramis’ 21 Year Rift

By | 51 Comments

They were a comedic dream team with a string of hits. Then, they made their masterpiece and never spoke again.


From Lyric Spittin’ To Line Reading: The 7 Best Rappers Turned Actors

By | 47 Comments

Spittin' hot bars doesn't necessarily lead to Academy Awards, but here's 7 rappers who do it right.

Mickey Rourke

The Story Of Mickey Rourke Quitting Hollywood And Returning With A Busted Up Face

By | 74 Comments

Mickey Rourke left Hollywood in 1991. When he came back, he was a different man.


The 5 Batman Villains Who Should Never Ever Show Up On ‘Gotham’

By | 30 Comments

Let's just hope Polka-Dot Man doesn't appear in the season finale.


Here’s Your Complete History Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Weekend Update Anchors

By | 22 Comments

Later this month SNL is debuting a new team of Weekend Anchor co-hosts. Here's a history of every anchor since the show began in 1975.

#The Walking Dead

All The Times Daryl Dixon Took Being A Badass On Television To New Levels

By | 14 Comments

Check out these 6 moments that made Daryl Dixon the biggest badass on The Walking Dead and all of television.


Here’s What’s New On Netflix This Month

By | 8 Comments

There's plenty to love on Netflix this September including zombies, sex, murder and mayhem.


Which Movies Are Disappearing From Netflix In September?

By | 18 Comments

Here's a look at the movies that are disappearing out of the Netflix cloud on September 1st.


Why Michael Chiklis’ Vic Mackey Was The Most Intriguing TV Cop Of All Time

By | 57 Comments

Michael Chiklis' portrayal of Vic Mackey in The Shield was one of the most riveting performances in the history of TV police shows.


Remembering 7 Porn Stars Who Tried (And Failed) To Make It In Hollywood

By | 48 Comments

There comes a time in every porn professional's career when the musty magic just doesn't cut it anymore. Here are 7 porn stars who tried their hands at Hollywood...and failed.

#Breaking Bad

All The Pre-Jesse Pinkman Times You May Have Seen Aaron Paul And Not Realized It

By | 27 Comments

Take a look back at eight rare Aaron Paul moments before he became everyone's favorite meth dealer.

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