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Directors and Drugs

What Award-Winning Directors Have Said About Their History Of Substance Abuse

By | 7 Comments

Here are seven directors who have admitted to a history of substance abuse.

#Matthew McConaughey

Rainn Wilson Watched Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Get His Face Smashed In A Bar Fight

By | 7 Comments

Maybe if this had been filmed, 'Sahara' would have done better at the box-office.


Here Are All The Movies Disappearing From Netflix In February

By | 21 Comments

There will be a lot less Batman and James Bond in February.

david lynch

These Videos Prove That David Lynch Is The Most Peculiar Man In Hollywood

By | 7 Comments

Celebrate David Lynch's birthday with these videos that prove he may be the most eclectic man in cinema.


A Brief History Of Jim Carrey Owning Every Awards Show Ceremony

By | 5 Comments

Remember when Jim Carrey made award ceremonies fun to watch?

#Deeper Dives

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Al Pacino-Robert De Niro Scene In ‘Heat’

By | 28 Comments

It's one of the greatest scenes in cinema, and this is everything you've ever wanted to know about it.


Remembering The Time ‘Krush Groove’ Turned LL Cool J Into A Rap Phenomenon

By | 11 Comments

The rap icon turns 47 this week, so let's revisit the film debut that helped make him a star.

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