The 8 Best Travel Shows On Netflix Streaming Right Now

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best travel shows on netflix right now


Last Updated: January 10th

Are you dreaming of that next adventure? We all need to get away at some point. It’s hard to decide where to go, when to go, and why to pick one destination over another. Luckily television (teacher, mother, secret lover) is here to help. Netflix has a long list of travel shows to stoke the fires of your wanderlust.

Here are some of the best travel shows on Netflix streaming, available to watch right now.

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8) Expedition Unknown

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This is your classic premise. Send dude to crazy places with some semblance of historical, or mythical significance. Hijinks and growth ensue with the locals and their culture. Josh Gates is your adventurer filling in gaps from our popular history and culture as he travels every corner of the world. He’s not reinventing the wheel here, but he is fun to watch. And sometimes that’s enough to get your wanderlust in gear and get you headed out the door.

7) Rock the Park

Jack Steward and Colton Smith adventure across the United States aiming to visit, trek, explore and experience every National Park in the country. It’s pretty awesome. They seem like two pretty cool guys to share a pint with after a long trek through Denali. The pace of the show is pretty fast and they cover a most of the USA in just two seasons. The show also reminds us that we don’t always have to break the bank, or travel insane distances to travel and grow — there’s an amazing world to see within the United States.

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