George Takei And His Husband Brad Started A Campaign To Give Alabama The (Ring) Finger

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George Takei and his husband Brad gave Alabama the (ring) finger, and are encouraging others to do the same with the #LuvUAlabama hashtag.


This News Reporter Was Stunned By Water Freezing Into Ice

By | 14 Comments

Huntsville, AL reporter Muriel Bailey is apparently shocked water can become ice when placed outside in freezing temperatures.


Watch This Convenience Store Employee Follow This Black Customer From Aisle To Aisle

By | 21 Comments

Customer Cordney Murphy noticed this Alabama conveience store employee was following him from aisle to aisle, so he started filming it.

hasina muhammad

Video: Punches Thrown And Landed At Alabama-Auburn Women’s Game


If the Alabama-Auburn football game is the Iron Bowl, what does that make this.

Public School

An Alabama School Principal Is Collecting Canned Food For Students To Use As Self Defense

By | 19 Comments

A middle school principal in Alabama is tossing around a crazy idea for student self defense: throwing canned goods at attackers.


Did This Awkward Ohio State Fan Get Caught Cheating On Live Television?

By | 72 Comments

Caught red-handed on national TV doing something you're not supposed to be doing? Ouch.


LSU’s Wedgie Was A Great Moment For SEC Football

By | 17 Comments

Here's an LSU player giving someone a wedgie remixed with "Anaconda."

Roll Damn Tide

Roll Damn Tide! Ole Miss Fan Gets Stiff Armed By Police After Getting In Nick Saban’s Face.

By | 7 Comments

This poor Ole Miss student got stiff-armed to death by Nick Saban's personal police force.

Roll Damn Tide

Watch An Alabama Man Pull Off An Incredible Marriage Proposal In Nick Saban’s Office


This marriage proposal was both fantastic and highly dangerous as it took place in Nick Saban's office. Watch how it all went down.


Nick Saban Has Some Very Nick Saban Thoughts On The Internet


Professional curmudgeon Nick Saban is doing his thing again, telling us what's wrong with technology.


Someone At Alabama Needs A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Tutorial

By | 11 Comments

You can always count on Bama fans for some offseason hilarity.

roll tide

An Alabama Man Was Arrested On Drug Charges And Responded, ‘Roll Tide’

By | 18 Comments

Police in Etowah County, Alabama arrested dozens of suspected drug dealers, but one man claimed his innocence with a familiar battle cry.


ROLL TIDE: An Alabama Woman Named Her Newborn Son 'Krimson Tyde'

By | 13 Comments

Because of her love for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, a woman named her newborn son Krimson Tyde, and people think it's a tad ridiculous.


The ‘Daily Show’ Sent Actors Posing As A Gay Couple To Alabama & Mississippi. Hilarity & Surprise Ensued.

By | 56 Comments

Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal summed it up well when he said, "Alabama might as well be blowing Mississippi right now."


Watch This Local News Anchor Tell Everyone The Meteorologist Has ‘A Little Wiener’

By | 5 Comments

On Wake Up Alabama, one of the anchors claimed that the weatherman has a "little wiener" when talking about his dog, and everyone lost it.


Sweet Home Ugly Alabama: 8 Things We Learned About America From This Revealing State-By-State Poll


America thinks Alabama is ugly, New York is arrogant, and more findings from a revealing poll.


Alabama: True Home of One-Stop Shopping

By | 19 Comments

Here's a little mom and pop convenience store in Alabama, appropriately next to a church that was designed by a tween playing The Sims.


A Minor League Baseball Team Is Hosting 'Second Amendment Night' With A Gun Raffle

By | 9 Comments

I don’t do things like “watch the news” or “read” but I’m awake long enough during the day to know that gun control is a pretty controversial topic here in the good, ol’ U.

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