Netflix Reportedly Wants To Unleash Around 20 Scripted Series A Year On To Subscribers

By | 15 Comments

If you're having a hard time getting through your Netflix queue now, imagine how it will be once they start bringing you 20 shows a year.

The Man In The High Castle

Why You Need To Watch Amazon’s ‘The Man In The High Castle’

By | 16 Comments

'The Man In The High Castle' turns a great novel into a better TV show.


Woody Allen Is Going To Write And Direct A TV Show For Amazon

By | 6 Comments

After winning big at The Golden Globes, Amazon is continuing their climb by announcing a new show from Woody Allen.


What Does The Death Of The Saturday Morning Cartoon Mean For The Children!?

By | 29 Comments

When it was announced last week that Saturday morning cartoons would become a thing of the past, I started think about what this means for television as a whole.

streaming video

Which HBO Shows Are Now On Amazon Prime?

By | 18 Comments

HBO comes to Amazon Prime in a big way today. Here's what's available... and what's oddly missing.


Amazon Is Raising The Price For Prime. How Much Will It Take For You To Break Even With The Price Hike?

By | 8 Comments

Amazon Prime is going up by twenty bucks. But you're likely still saving money.

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