Hey, Remember Jeremy Lin?


He's back, in pog Asian variety show form.


RIP Yoda, The World's Ugliest Dog 1997-2012


I hate to bring such bad news this early in the day, but on Saturday, March 10, in the early hours of the morning, Yoda passed away at the tender age of 15.


Twilight Fans Gathered To Break Least Surprising World Record

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Forgive this escape from sports for a moment, but as always I will use the disclaimer that world records are competitive and can therefore be included on this site.


The Very Best Of The 2012 Crufts Dog Championship

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More than 28,000 dogs were delivered to Birmingham, England this past weekend by their overzealous, coddling owners for the 121st annual Crufts international dog show to determine the world’s ultimate dog on the grandest stage.

Takeru Kobayashi

Kobayashi Set The World Record For Grilled Cheese Eating At SXSW

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As we’ve touched on in the past, the people at RecordSetters have given every one of us average Joes the ability to set world records, even with minimal effort and talent.


Introducing Chun Chun, The Largest Baby Ever Born In China!

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Normally when a woman gives birth in China, it isn’t big news since it would take 600 networks running around the clock to cover that kind of procreation.


Introducing Ferret Legging, The Sport With The Goal Of Not Being Castrated By Rodents

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I have a ridiculous fascination with horrible things that people do to themselves in the name of sport.


With A Little Ambition, You Too Can Be A Plowerhouse

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I’m a big fan of card games, as I love poker, rummy, hearts, spades, and pretty much anything that goes great with a case of cheap American beer and/or girls willing to take their clothes off.


Pusuke Is Dead, Long Live Pip!

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Two weeks ago, we undid our sarcasm belts, took off our satire pants and let our honest feelings hang out as we honored and celebrated the life of Pusuke, the World’s Oldest Dog up until December 13.


Of Course There’s A Watching Paint Dry Championships


If you’re looking for a trustworthy chap to come paint your flat or fix your lift, look no further than the U.


Now This Is How You Honor A True Champion

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Yesterday morning, the town of Washington, Virginia (Pop.


Maybe Next Time Don’t Become The Fattest Man In The World

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If ever there was an argument against universal health care, perhaps it’s the story of Paul Mason, a British man who currently weighs in at approximately 420-pounds.


Have A Happy And Safe Thanksgiving, And For God’s Sake Use A Fork


With Leather will be updating sporadically tomorrow, but chances are we'll be spending most of my second least-favorite holiday* with our families.


The Best And Most Ridiculous Of The 2011 Guinness World Records Day

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For the seventh year in a row, people all over the world gathered to perform ridiculous tasks and insane stunts for the sake of getting their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.


The Best Of The Inaugural 2011 European Rabbit Hopping Championships

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Back in May, I introduced the world of With Leather to the latest Swedish sport to win our hearts – Kaninhop.


The Best Of The 2011 Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade

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Back in July, fans of the San Diego Padres gathered at Petco Park as they hoped to break the world record for the longest costumed dog parade as part of the organization’s annual Dog Days of Summer promotion, which allows fans to bring their pooches to the ballpark.


This Is Exactly Why Science Was Developed

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In 2007, Englishman Marek Turowsk had a dream – he wanted to set the world land speed record for a couch.


It’s Not Too Late To Place Your Vote For The 2011 Hambone Award

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As perfectly awesome as my dog is, I’ve always been hesitant to purchase pet insurance for her, because I figure she’s immortal and nothing will ever hurt her.


This Week In WTF World Records

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The Guinness Book of World Records is promoting the hell out of its upcoming 2012 edition, and rightfully so.

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