mike huckabee

Mike Huckabee Addressed His Beyoncé Comments And Attacked Obama’s Parenting Style

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During his 'This Week' interview on ABC, Huckabee clarified his suggestion that Jay-Z was a pimp and ridiculed Obama's parenting style.

eddie vedder

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Is Apparently A ‘Family Friend’ Of The Obamas

By | 6 Comments

In apparently breaking news, Vedder shares a personal relationship with the First Family.


The Smithsonian Took A State-Of-The Art 3D Scan Of Barack Obama For His Presidential Portrait

By | 5 Comments

The Smithsonian has used the very latest in 3D technology to create a perfect bust of President Obama for the museum.

Gallup Polls

Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Top Gallup’s Mostly Celebrity-Free List Of The Most Admired People

By | 8 Comments

Gallup's list of the most admired people has a lot of names that you would expect, but barely any celebrities and movie stars.

#The Interview

North Korea Is Now Comparing President Obama To ‘A Monkey’ Following The Release Of ‘The Interview’

By | 24 Comments

North Korea is obviously not happy that 'The Interview' was released and they're blaming President Obama, calling him "a monkey."

#James Franco

James Franco Burned President Obama While Celebrating Sony’s Decision To Release ‘The Interview’

By | 8 Comments

It's safe to say James Franco is pretty stoked about the news that 'The Interview' is going to be released after all.

#The Interview

North Korea Now Wants To Help The United States Investigate The Sony Pictures Hack

By | 13 Comments

North Korea responded to claims that they are behind the recent Sony Pictures hack with a prickly offer to help the US investigate.

the colbert report

The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions To Stephen Colbert Ending His Run On ‘The Colbert Report’

By | 6 Comments

There was an outpouring of sentiment on Twitter last night as Stephen Colbert said goodbye to 'The Colbert Report.'

#Stephen Colbert

Watch President Obama’s Full Interview With Stephen Colbert On ‘The Colbert Report’

By | 12 Comments

Watch Stephen Colbert's complete interview with President Barack Obama on The Colbert Report.

#Stephen Colbert

Watch President Barack Obama Take Over ‘The Colbert Report’ To Give His Own Version Of ‘The Word’

By | 102 Comments

The special D.C. episode of 'The Colbert Report' didn't disappoint, especially once Barack Obama managed to take over for Stephen Colbert.

the colbert report

President Obama Delivers His Own Word On ‘The Colbert Report’ Tonight

By | 4 Comments

The Commander in Chief will be taking over Stephen Colbert's desk for his own version of 'The Word' on tonight's 'The Colbert Report.'

#Stephen Colbert

Here’s The Real Stephen Colbert Roasting President Obama Ahead Of Tonight’s ‘Colbert Report’


Some think it's a preview of things to come on the post-Letterman 'Late Show,' but I think it's a meta-intro to tonight's 'Colbert Report.'


Barack And Michelle Obama’s First Date Is Becoming A Big Screen Romance

By | 24 Comments

'Southside With You' will cover the day in 1988 when Barry Obama took Michelle Robinson to see 'Do The Right Thing.'

#Stephen Colbert

President Obama Will Be A Guest On Monday’s Episode Of ‘The Colbert Report’ From Washington, D.C.

By | 8 Comments

Stephen Colbert is traveling to Washington, D.C. for one special interview with President Barack Obama. Will it be a showdown?

#Jimmy Fallon

Brian Williams Is Once Again Ready To Slow Jam The News With Jimmy Fallon And The Roots

By | 3 Comments

Brian Williams is willing and able to slow jam the news to a sultry level with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

#John Oliver

John Oliver Broke His Hiatus To Deliver A Special Thanksgiving Message: ‘Death To Turkeys!’


The host of 'Last Week Tonight' briefly returned to YouTube to lampoon the annual Thanksgiving tradition. All it did was make me hungry.

#Fox News

Sean Hannity: Jon Stewart ‘Has His Head So Far Up Obama’s Ass He Cannot See Clearly’

By | 42 Comments

Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity just took their war of words to several new levels.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About President Obama’s Net Neutrality Announcement

By | 28 Comments

Obama just pushed for more net neutrality. But there's less to it than you might think.

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