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Morgan Freeman Is In The Running To Play The Ancient One In ‘Doctor Strange’


Three actors are in the running to have a gravitas-off with Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange.


Netflix Instant Theater: Wild Target


Welcome back to Netflix Instant Theater, where we slog through all the random movies, good or bad, so you don’t have to.


‘About Time': Rachel McAdams is being courted by a time traveler again


So many films depict their protagonists acquiring superpowers, and then go on to depict them doing something totally unrealistic with them, like helping the needy or fighting bad guys.


‘Groundhog Day’ If It Were British And Starred Rachel McAdams? It’s ‘About Time’!


In 'About Time', Domhnall Gleeson learns he's inherited the ability to time travel. He uses this power to woo Rachel McAdams because of course.

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New ‘Total Recall’ Clip Brings Back Another Familiar Character


We have a new clip and featurette from 'Total Recall', and the clip cleverly references an iconic scene from the original as a misdirection.

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Bryan Cranston Makes First Appearance In ‘Total Recall’ Clips (Plus Three-Breasted Hooker Update)

Three new clips from 'Total Recall' feature Bryan Cranston, Kate Beckinsale, Colin Farrell, and Jessica Biel. And we have new pictures of the three-breasted hooker.

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New 'Total Recall' Stuff And Important News About Kate Beckinsale's Three Boobs

We have a new clip, featurette, poster, and pictures from 'Total Recall'. But first, here's a word from Kate Beckinsale about her boobs.

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Second 'Total Recall' Trailer Brings Out The Three-Boobed Hooker

"You're going to wish you had three hands," says the woman in the Total Recall screencap above.

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First Clip From 'Total Recall' Plus A TV Spot And Trigger Happy Pictures

When last we spoke of Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake (opening August 3rd), it was to relay the very important three-boobed hooker news.

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Rejoice, Total Recall Will Have A Three-Boobed Hooker After All


Sony aired some footage from Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake at CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas this week, and Frosty from Collider provided a description of what he saw.

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Total Recall Trailer Is Really Here


I couldn't get a non-blurry screencap of Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale fist-fighting, so I hope you'll accept this very tasteful alternative.

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First Footage From Total Recall Needs More Kate Beckinsale

Len Wiseman and Columbia Pictures have been keeping their Total Recall remake well-shielded from our view.

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Total Recall has a synopsis. Still PG-13, still no mention of Mars


Whenever I post anything about the upcoming Total Recall remake, people react as if Hollywood kidnapped their dog and shaved it, and I admit I don't totally disagree.

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Everybody In The World And Bill Nighy Cast In Total Recall Remake

They're apparently still going through with the remake of 1990's sci-fi action flick Total Recall, as just about everyone in Hollywood has been added to the cast over the last few days.

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