Lars Ulrich

Will Ferrell And Chad Smith Are Setting Their Sights On Lars Ulrich For Their Next Drum Battle

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Chad Smith and Will Ferrell aren't done their feud yet, and now they are adding more people to the fight.

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The Wait Is Over, Here’s The Blistering Drum Battle Between Will Ferrell And Chad Smith

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Will Ferrell and arch-rival Chad Smith faced off in the greatest of drum battles, complete with a special surprise at the end.

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A Brief History Of Chad Smith’s Mistaken Identity As Will Ferrell

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Chad Smith has been dealing with Will Ferrell fans since the early 2000s.

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The Will Ferrell Vs. Chad Smith Drum Battle TO THE DEATH Is Happening Soon

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Are you ready for the greatest drum battle of all-time? Well, you won't find it at Chad Smith vs. Will Ferrell's drum-off.

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