Adam Sandler And Andy Samberg Pay Tribute To Breaking Character In An #SNL40 Digital Short

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Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg reunited for a Digital Short that honored Jimmy Fallon and the cast members who cracked up during sketches.


‘SNL’ Fans Chose The Best Sketch Of The 2000s And They Want More Cowbell!

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Fans have spoken and Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken's tribute to the cowbell and Blue Oyster Cult is officially the best of its era.


Friday Conversation: What TV Character Would You Like To See Get A Spin-Off?

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In honor of "Better Call Saul," we're talking dream spin-offs this week. WHO YA GOT?


The Cast Of Adam Sandler’s Netflix Original ‘Ridiculous 6′ Is A Happy Madison Orgy

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Nick Nolte, Luke Wilson, Blake Shelton and Taylor Lautner join Adam Sandler's typical Happy Madison crew for Netflix's 'Ridiculous 6.'


The A To Z Guide To The Celebrity Voices Selling Us Every Product On Earth

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You may not always recognize them, but plenty of our favorite celebrities' voices are pushing products from cars to insurance.


The Anti-Gillys: 20 ‘SNL’ Characters We Never Got Tired Of Seeing

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Recurring characters on "SNL" are fine, so long as they're not Gilly.


15 ‘Workaholics’ Guest Stars You Might Have Missed In The First Three Seasons


Check out 15 actors that have kept it tight butthole with cameos on 'Workaholics.'


‘Archer’ Exclusive: Cyril Figgis Would Like You To Say Hello To Office Supplies In This New ISIS Training Video

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You'll be shocked to discover the process is not quite as convenient and organized as Cyril's heart desires.


73 Sports Movies In 73+ Days: ‘Hot Rod’

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This week's sports movie is the 2007 goofball comedy 'Hot Rod,' which starred Andy Samberg as a hopeless, immature daredevil.


iPhone 5’s Secret Sexy Feature


Chris Parnell and Deon Cole show how the iPhone 5's camera is optimized for the well-endowed gentleman.


The Very Best Of 30 Rock’s ‘Doctor’ Leo Spaceman

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As 30 Rock's Dr. Leo Spaceman, Chris Parnell has once again proven that he is one of the most underrated and funniest actors on TV.


Chris Parnell Is Leading The Fight Against Cat Boredom

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I usually defer to Robo on a hard-hitting feline topics but seeing as how I regularly celebrate all things Cyril Figgis and Dr. Leo Spaceman and firmly believe if corporations knew what they were doing Chris Parnell would be the spokesperson for everything, I'll be the one sharing his new PSA on Cat Boredom (AKA CB).


Expect a ‘Lazy Sunday’ Sequel on ‘SNL’

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As previously discussed, this Saturday is likely Andy Samberg’s final episode of “SNL.


7 Facts You Might Not Know About the Cast of 'Archer'

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Now in its third season, Adam Reed's spy spoof "Archer" has quickly risen to become easily the best animated sitcom on television, and arguably one of the best sitcoms on television period.


‘The Dogfather’ could be Chris Parnell’s finest role

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The Dogfather is a new film that ponders that age-old question: what if your dog was secretly an ex-mafioso on the lam.

#jimmy fallon


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Chris Parnell was a guest on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" last night, and as much as I would have liked for him to just repeat lines from "Archer," he was instead joined by Andy Samberg in the first-ever live performance of "Lazy Sunday," the seminal digital short that brought "Saturday Night Live" into the collective consciousness of the Internet.

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