10 Points From The Champions League Semi-Finals

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Begrudgingly, I was denied an El Clasico Champions League Final.


The World's Most Popular Tweeter Is… Kaká?

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If you had asked me to name the athlete with the most followers on Twitter, I would have asked for a hint.


Champion’s League Semi-Finals Recap: Bayern Munich Outduels Real Madrid, Chelsea Beats Barcelona

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A <a href="">Real Madrid</a> vs <a href="">FC Barcelona</a> Final.


Champions League Semi-Finals Recap: Chelsea Faces Barca, Real Madrid and Munich Advance


The Champions League final four are set with Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Real Madrid as this year's representatives.

Thomas Muller

UCL Wrap-Up: Real Madrid, Marseille Advance, Munich’s 7 Goal Slaughter & Chelsea Claws Back To Victory

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There's a reason why you label certain teams with words like "elite" and "favorite.


The Greater Goal: Messi’s Free Kick Or Ronaldo’s Backheel?

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Michael Jordan didn't give fair warning <a href="">when he jammed home a missed</a> Scottie Pippen free throw.


Underdog Day: Champions League Week Two Recap

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Full of surprises, the second set of matches saw the underdogs take the spotlight while perennial Champions League teams fail to live up to their pedigrees.


Ronaldo Not Enough: Real Madrid Falls To Barcelona Yet Again

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The last time FC Barcelona and Real Madrid met in the Copa del Rey, <a href="">Cristiano Ronaldo</a> and company took the trophy in the Final.


Barcelona Defeats Real Madrid 3-1 In Final Clasico Of 2011

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<a href="">FC Barcelona's</a> goalkeeper flubbed a clearance resulting in a <a href="">Real Madrid</a> goal in the first minute of the game but with a little luck and resiliency, Barcelona won 3-1 to tie their rivals as league leaders in Spain.


Once The World’s Best, Ronaldo Calls It Quits

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<a href="">Ronaldo</a> was the closest thing to MJ soccer has ever seen.


This Week In Chicks Who Bang Athletes

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Kim Kardashian recently wrapped up her miserable failure World AIDS Day fundraiser by taking time out to update E.


Zidanes Y Pavones: Barcelona Routs Real Madrid

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<a href=""> Back in the early 2000's as Real Madrid assembled their Champions League-winning squads, the term “Zidanes y Pavónes” was coined to describe their recruitment policy. On one side were the world-class stars—the “galácticos” the likes of <a href="">Zinedine Zidane</a> and <a href="">Luis Figo</a>—and on the other were home-grown academy products such as <a href="">Francisco Pavón</a> to plug the gaps where money couldn’t.


Soccer Player Channels Inner Zombie

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Over the weekend, people in faraway lands gathered for the purpose of kicking a ball around a field, and other people gathered to watch it and later they all got together to look down on me for not liking soccer.


Judgment Day For U.S. & Britain

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<a href=""> Well, it certainly wasn’t supposed to play out like this in Group C. Slovenia leads, England looks the worst, and the U.S. could actually come out tops. For the boys in red, white, and blue, it’s all very simple: win and they’re in. After needing <a href="">a miracle</a> to pull out the tie against England, only to have luck (and a ref with an ax to grind) work against them in the match against Slovenia, their destiny, it seems, is finally in their own hands in a more than manageable match against Algeria.


5 Reasons Why Mourinho Will Make History With Madrid

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Last weekend’s Champions League final had more than a few winners outside of deserving champs, Inter Milan.


Nike’s “Write The Future” Ad Just Rewrote History

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<a href=""> Our resident soccer fiend Devin has been traveling the past few days, otherwise he'd be doing this writeup. So I'm stepping in to handle the duties even though my knowledge of futbol is next to nil. Still, even I'm aware that the brand's latest "Write The Future" spot for the World Cup is pretty dope with cameos by Kobe, Homer Simpson, Roger Federer and featuring every big name futbol star I've seen mentioned by Brother Chanda and every site commenter (Ronaldo Ronaldinho, Rooney & Drogba; I pay attention hehe). Safe to say the advert just help to revise D's original <a href="">list of eight great Nike futbol commercials</a> by adding one more to the list.

Xavi Hernandez

Lionel Messi & FC Barcelona As The Little Giants

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<a href=""> Any recent soccer coverage (especially from that of a non-football site) must make mention of Lionel Messi. Over <a href="">the past month</a> in particular, <a href="">the play</a> of the little Argentine has suggested that he could be the greatest soccer player ever—at 22, mind you.


Is Wayne Rooney The World’s Best?

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<a href="">Ronaldo</a> who.


How Screwed Is Manchester United?

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When Manchester United loses/drops points, I experience a draining feeling which sours the rest of my day (sucks that the games are in the morning here) — a feeling no doubt shared by any sports fan with an unhealthy attachment to a club/team.

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