Kate McKinnon Brought Cecilia Gimenez Back To ‘SNL’ To Defend That Infamous Cristiano Ronaldo Bust

The amount of Kate McKinnon we got on the latest Louis CK hosted episode of Saturday Night Live was in short supply, but we’ll take all the McKinnon we can get. In addition to the Ghostbusters star losing her sh*t over CK’s unique accent work, we also saw the return of her spin on notorious fresco retoucher Cecilia Gimenez to play art critic on Weekend Update.

In her appearance at the desk, Gimenez came to the defense of the sculptor that created that grotesque sculpture of Portugese soccer god/diva Cristiano Rolando that had the internet (the place where porn thrives) going berserk. While pawing and clutching at WU co-anchor Colin Jost, Gimenez outlined the beauty and the brilliance she sees in this infamous bust.

“The first question any great sculptor must ask about his subject is ‘what would he look like if he had a stroke, but he had the stroke while saying ‘cheese,'” explains Weekend Update‘s resident art critic.

As you’ve already sorted, Spain’s biggest art sensation of the 2010s tears the insane sculpture to shreds throughout the segment and bless her for doing so. We may never look at this bust’s neck the same way ever again and that’s what good art criticism does. Or something. Hilarious creepy sculpture roast ahoy!