Dan Stevens Loses It On Live TV When Asked How Many Actors He ‘Beat Off’ For A Role

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A host had some very important questions about how many men cousin Matthew has beaten off.

Escape From New York

Charlie Hunnam Might Be The Favorite To Play Snake Plissken In The ‘Escape From New York’ Reboot

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A new rumor has Joel Silver's 'Escape from New York' reboot favoring Charlie Hunnam on a short list of Snake candidates.


Liam Neeson Will Talk You To Death In ‘A Walk Among The Tombstones’

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For a Liam Neeson movie with "tombstones" in the title, A Walk Among The Tombstones doesn't seem to have much killing.

matthew crawley

Matthew Crawley From Downton Abbey Beats Up Teenagers In The Trailer For ‘The Guest’

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Downton Abbey... more like Poundton Abbey (that joke worked better when I thought the show was called 'Downtown Abbey.')

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