James Corden And The ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Cast Recreate Some Disney Magic In The Middle Of Your Commute

The latest Crosswalk The Musical from James Corden once again returns to Disney territory, leaving The Lion King behind to focus on Beauty And The Beast. To help out, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, and Dan Stevens show up adjacent to the CBS lot and take up their roles in the new live-action film to bring the music right to the middle of the street. This has become one of the more interesting segments on The Late Late Show since it first started way back with Grease in 2015, but it combines Corden’s love of musical, big guest stars, and viral moments to make something memorable in late night.

It doesn’t hurt that most of the tunes from Beauty And The Beast are memorable and likely fresh in viewer’s minds given the film hits theaters this weekend. Sadly Emma Watson is absent, so it’s up to Corden to dress as Belle and take up the role of love interest throughout. No word on if the folks in Alabama have an issue with this, but it’s likely they’re still more worried about that “gay moment” they heard about weeks ago.

You have to agree with people when they say that Luke Evans isn’t exactly as beefy as the animated Gaston. He’s got the swagger down, sure, butI think that Disneyland Gaston would smack him across the face and then do one-handed pushups over his crumpled body. Josh Gad is perfect casting, though, and even gets to play Lumiere in this version because Ewan McGregor could not be bothered to do this type of thing.

(Via The Late Late Show)