kevin mchale

Guess What Kevin McHale Whispered In Josh Smith’s Ear After Getting Punched In The Shoulder?


Smoove has been huge for the Rockets, helping them advance past the Dallas Mavericks. Coach McHale had some kind words for him - but what?


Who Runs The Big-To-Big Alley-Oop Better: Josh Smith And Dwight Howard Or Blake Griffin And DeAndre Jordan?


With two able passing big men, both the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers run excellent big-to-big alley-oops. So who does it better?


DeAndre Jordan Is Allegedly ‘Extremely Interested In Coming To Dallas’ Next Season

The Dallas Mavericks will reportedly chase DeAndre Jordan this summer, and they may not have to try very hard.


UCLA’s Bryce Alford Thought The Clippers’ Goaltend Last Night Looked Familiar

Hey, remember the last time a goaltending call decided a meaningful game? You don't? Well, UCLA's younger Alford does, and he'll remind you.

Los Angeles Clippers

Why It’s An Absolute Crime This Spurs-Clippers Series Has To End


A classic series is coming to an end, and the Los Angeles Clippers as we know them could be, too.


Here’s DeAndre Jordan Swatting The Daylights Out Of Manu Ginobili

DeAndre Jordan likely won't win Defensive Player of the Year, but it's still fun as hell to watch him block shots.

Byron Scott

Like Doc Rivers, Byron Scott Says DeAndre Jordan Is Defensive Player Of The Year

Doc Rivers thinks DeAndre Jordan is Defensive Player of the Year. But he coaches him. What excuse does Byron Scott have?


Watch DeAndre Jordan Baptize Jason Smith

We admire Jason Smith for trying to block this dunk by DeAndre Jordan, but we wouldn't recommend trying it again.


Ewww: DeAndre Jordan Wiped His Boogers On J.J. Redick In This Gross Videobomb

This is just so freakin' gross. DeAndre Jordan wiped his booger on J.J. Redick in the grossest videobomb of all time.


Doc Rivers Attacks ESPN Writer Over Article He Clearly Didn’t Bother To Read

Doc Rivers adamantly disagrees with an article he didn't read by Tom Haberstroh claiming DeAndre Jordan isn't the Defensive Player of Year.


DeAndre Jordan Soars Above the Crowd For This Alley-Oop Jam

Let's stop being highlight snobs and enjoy this awesome DeAndre Jordan alley-oop.

#Chris Paul

Chris Paul Loses His Mind After DeAndre Jordan Fails To Put Back Easy Game-Winner

Chris Paul was so freakin' angry last night. We thought he was gonna pop a blood vessel in his face screaming at DJ like that…


Is DeAndre Jordan ‘Clearly The Defensive Player Of The Year’? Doc Rivers Thinks So, But We Disagree


When Doc Rivers took over as the Los Angeles Clippers' basketball czar two summers ago, he called DeAndre Jordan the best defensive player in the league. Months later, Rivers compared the 26 year-old to Bill Russell. Obviously, the Clippers' coach is prone to hyperbole when it comes to Jordan. And though the 26 year-old jumping jack is indeed currently enjoying the most dominant stretch of his career, Rivers is doing it again.


Watch DeAndre Jordan Drop The Filthy Hammer On Marc Gasol

A first quarter screen and roll saw CP3 feed DeAndre Jordan for the poster on Marc Gasol.


Who Dunked It Better Last Night: Tim Duncan or DeAndre Jordan?

Tim Duncan scored a game-high 30 including a jam on DeAndre Jordan. But DJ's team won and he posterized Marco Bellinelli. Which was better?


Video: DeAndre Jordan’s Crooning Videobomb Of Jamal Crawford

The videobomb has become a natural extension of post-game festivities for the winning team.


Watch DeAndre Block Three Shots, Finish Reverse Jam In Awe-Inspiring Sequence

A high-flying block of Ty Lawson immediately followed by a powerful swat of Kenneth Faried.


Watch DeAndre Jordan Posterize Brook Lopez And Scream To The Gods

DeAndre Jordan was a perfect 7-for-7 from the field against the Nets on Thursday night and also recorded a double-double with 14 points and 12 boards.

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