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Doc Rivers Denies A Rift Between Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan: ‘They Get Along Great’

Doc Rivers quickly put to rest the rumored feud between Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan

2015 All NBA Team

The All-NBA First Team Has Been Announced, And It Features 2 First-Timers

Stephen Curry, LeBron James, James Harden, Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol make up the 2015 All-NBA First Team. Find out who made the Second and Third teams, here.


Not Even DeAndre Jordan Could Have Corralled This Wild Lob From Matthew Dellavedova

Just who did Matthew Dellavedova think he was throwing this lob to?

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All-Defense Selections Of Chris Paul And DeAndre Jordan Shine Light On The Clippers’ Concerns

Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan are First Team All-Defense, so why aren't the Clippers better on that end?


Josh Smith Is The Rockets’ Best Hope To Upset The Warriors

Smith keyed the Rockets' comeback against the Clippers, and now they face the Dubs juggernaut. Can Smoove keep it up?


After The Clippers’ Game 7 Loss, Doc Rivers Delivered A Motivational Speech Right Out Of Hollywood


After the Clippers' tragic collapse, Doc Rivers delivered a motivational speech that was straight out of a Hollywood sports movie.


Report: DeAndre Jordan Is ‘Eager To Step Into A New Situation’


After the Clippers' implosion against the Rockets, Doc Rivers must shift from coach to GM mode. The Clippers have real depth issues, but their first priority is re-signing prized free agent DeAndre Jordan – and rumors have already begun circulating on the big man's plans for the offseason.

Los Angeles Clippers

Collapse Complete: The Clippers’ Shocking Loss Yields Far-Reaching Questions Of The Present And Future


The Clippers' collapse is complete, and there's no telling how they'll rebound from it going forward.

Houston Rockets

Houston Steals Game 6 From Los Angeles With A Fourth-Quarter Run For The Ages


The Rockets staved-off elimination against the Clippers with a shocking fourth quarter comeback for the ages.

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Watch Dwight Howard Call For Help In The Middle Of Trying To Guard DeAndre Jordan


After DeAndre Jordan grabbed an offensive rebound deep in the paint, Dwight Howard was desperate for some help from his Rockets teammates.


Another Game, Another Ridiculous Chris Paul To DeAndre Jordan Alley-Oop

DeAndre Jordan took out all of his "hack-a" frustrations out on the rim, with an assist from Chris Paul.


Here Are The 3 Biggest Questions For Both Western Conference Semifinals

One game into each series, we have some idea of the issues that will decide who makes it to the Conference Finals. Let's break them down.

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Guess What Kevin McHale Whispered In Josh Smith’s Ear After Getting Punched In The Shoulder?


Smoove has been huge for the Rockets, helping them advance past the Dallas Mavericks. Coach McHale had some kind words for him - but what?


Who Runs The Big-To-Big Alley-Oop Better: Josh Smith And Dwight Howard Or Blake Griffin And DeAndre Jordan?


With two able passing big men, both the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers run excellent big-to-big alley-oops. So who does it better?


DeAndre Jordan Is Allegedly ‘Extremely Interested In Coming To Dallas’ Next Season

The Dallas Mavericks will reportedly chase DeAndre Jordan this summer, and they may not have to try very hard.


UCLA’s Bryce Alford Thought The Clippers’ Goaltend Last Night Looked Familiar

Hey, remember the last time a goaltending call decided a meaningful game? You don't? Well, UCLA's younger Alford does, and he'll remind you.

Los Angeles Clippers

Why It’s An Absolute Crime This Spurs-Clippers Series Has To End


A classic series is coming to an end, and the Los Angeles Clippers as we know them could be, too.


Here’s DeAndre Jordan Swatting The Daylights Out Of Manu Ginobili

DeAndre Jordan likely won't win Defensive Player of the Year, but it's still fun as hell to watch him block shots.

Byron Scott

Like Doc Rivers, Byron Scott Says DeAndre Jordan Is Defensive Player Of The Year

Doc Rivers thinks DeAndre Jordan is Defensive Player of the Year. But he coaches him. What excuse does Byron Scott have?

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